Monitoring Services


The requirements needed for your monitors and translators are increasingly becoming stricter. Code words in the drug world are ever changing. For example, many linguists make the mistake of leaving out important information and putting in useless facts. If your monitor hears, “I’m just getting the computers out right now. They’re six ounces each.” assumes the speaker is having a casual conversation about technology, and places the call as non-pertinent, then they’re leaving out a drug drop. Our expert monitors are professionally trained and tested utilizing the latest real-life scenarios that require very specific type of responses.

Recent federal agency reorganization efforts have emphasized an increased need for translation, interpreting, monitoring, and transcription experts to meet the high demand for strong national security. Protrans has been filling the needs for government agencies and private industry, standing at the forefront of these services, since 1972.

To properly address the training needs of our diverse set of clients the founder of Protrans, established Translation Skills Training™. It offers the most comprehensive set of training, online and offline, for translation, interpreting, monitoring, and transcription.

Translation Skills Training™ is happy to announce the rollout of its new, online course in Monitoring. This 30 hour, interactive course features the following:

Monitors at Protrans:

  • Improved monitoring Skills
  • How to listen, pick up on context cues, and what to identify as pertinent information
  • Improve typing skills (increased speed & accuracy)
  • How to remain calm and professional in a high-paced environment
  • How to communicate effectively with agents
  • Improve writing & summarization skills
  • Improve writing skills by reviewing common spelling, grammar, and formatting errors
  • How to improve and provide efficient summarization skills
  • How to decipher code words

What Is At Stake? Improperly Trained Employees Puts Your Organization & Project Mission At a Severe Disadvantage.