For all you translators and transcribers out there…

Investigative Surveillance is your gateway into learning and understanding procedures, guidelines and more that are involved in the process of transcription and translation of communication intercepts.

Considered to be one of the most comprehensive and definitive books on monitoring, transcription and translation, Investigative Surveillance takes the reader through the procedures for transcription and translation of foreign language communication intercepts unlike any book before it.

Written by a pioneer in the industry, with over 35 years experience in the field of monitoring, transcription, interpreting and translation, Elena Rojas, the book is an easy to understand tool that provides specific guidelines for transcribing and translating surveillance tapes and data for use by government agencies, law enforcement, and legal prosecution teams.

It serves as an aide in the learning process; providing a plethora of information that will reveal what is needed to make your translation company or firm a success.

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