Welcome to Protrans

Since 1972 Protrans has been serving government agencies and private industry and is recognized as one of California’s most skilled and reputable monitoring, transcription, interpreting and translation firms.

Protrans has office and client locations in California, from Santa Barbara to San Diego. Additionally, the company has staff working in Hawaii, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Florida and many more locations nationwide.

Setting the industry standard in the development and implementation of innovative translation methods and training has positioned Protrans as the ideal solution for organizations, in all industries, when it comes to monitoring, transcription, interpreting and translation.

About the Founder

The firm’s founder and CEO, Elena Rojas, has an established reputation as a leader in business and pioneer in the areas of monitoring, transcription, interpreting and translation. She has been featured on such television programs as KTLA’s (Channel 5) Making It, and has been included multiple times in the publication, Hispanic Business.

Ms. Rojas is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton with a BA in Spanish (emphasis in Linguistics), a BA in Latin American Studies (minor in Portuguese), an MA in Spanish (concentration in Linguistics), and a certificate in Legal Interpretation and Translation from California State University, Los Angeles. She has traveled, lived and taught English in Spain and taught English for Special Purposes for five years at the University Of Carabobo School Of Medicine in Venezuela.

She has taught Spanish and ESL at various universities and junior colleges and the Theory and Practice of Translation at UC San Diego for the past ten years. Because of Ms. Rojas’ experience with collegiate instruction, curriculum design and development, text review, course implementation strategies, and aptitude testing in translation and linguistics, Protrans, employees have one of the most extensive and unique training and testing programs in the country.

Setting the Industry Standard

Protrans, Inc. provides first-rate translation, interpretation, monitoring and transcription services to business, community, educational, non-profit and government agencies. The industries and organizations that Protrans has worked with include:

  • Advertising Education
  • Entertainment
  • Federal, State and Local Agencies
  • Legal and Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Manufacturing and Technical Fields
  • Medicine
  • Museums
  • Non-profit Groups
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Scouting
  • Sports

The company has a staff of full time linguists and intermittent staff members who complete assignments on as-needed basis for a diverse set of organizations. Protrans also has part-time linguists and office staff, as well as an extensive reserve of highly specialized consultants in a wide range of languages that assist us with extraordinary translation difficulties.

Our expertly trained and professional linguistics are asked to perform highly sensitive and confidential transcription, translation, and monitoring for federal and local law enforcement agencies. Linguists work closely with federal and local agents to ensure that protocol is followed carefully, and assignments are held to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

Quality Control & Security Measures

The task of transcription and translation of foreign language intercepts is a group effort. Because there is such a high need for accuracy in translation, checks and re-checks are necessary as part of each step toward completion. Protrans team members, monitors, transcribers, and translators work efficiently with each other in order to produce high-quality work.

Each linguist is responsible for safeguarding confidential information obtained during the fulfillment of contracts. In the course of employment, linguists may have access to confidential information regarding the company, its suppliers, and its clients. We take our responsibility seriously never to reveal or divulge any such information unless it is required by law. Protrans key personnel DO hold security clearances. Protrans is FBI Certified and accredited. If additional Agency clearances are required, Protrans will provide all efforts to obtain required clearances when it receives an order requiring such.

Professional Commitment

Our company philosophy is to produce high quality translations which can be used in all areas of our constantly changing world. Protrans is organized to take on new challenges in the field of translation with service, dedication, and integrity, and to provide our clients with the best this industry has to offer.