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Investigative Surveillance Book: Procedures for Transcription and Translation of Foreign Language Communication Intercepts

For all you translators and transcribers out there…

Investigative Surveillance is your gateway into learning and understanding procedures, guidelines and more that are involved in the process of transcription and translation of communication intercepts.

Considered […]

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Google Translate Has More than 200 Million Active Users

Google’s decade-long efforts to automate the tricky business of translating languages appear to be paying off. The search giant today announced that its Google Translate service has more than 200 million active monthly users, and that mobile […]

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Trusted Translations Speaks at Library of Congress on Legal Translations

Language Expert From Multilingual Legal Translation Leader Trusted Translations Speaks In Washington D.C. On The Use of Machine Translations For The Legal Community.

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Machine Translation in the Imperfect World

Thoughts or Reactions?

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How To Speak Like A Native

Don’t you wish you could stop worrying about have the native accent? I know I wish I could just focus on being completely understood!This article discuss accent as well as how learning a […]

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Kraft’s Name Brings New Meaning to Snacking in Russia

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Translation: Making a Whole Culture Intelligible?

Great panel discussion!

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Interpreting vs. Translation

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‘Highlights’ learning foreign languages

Check out this article about ‘Highlights’ learning foreign languages. Sounds promising! What do you think?

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And for more words that Protrans has to offer check out our book!

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