Translation is not just an ability to understand and speak two languages; it is a solid foundation at native or native-like levels in the two languages involved.Learn More
Protrans has been at the forefront of providing quality transcription services to clients across the nation. We are well versed with transcribing the most complex of projects.Learn More
The requirements needed for your monitors and translators are increasingly becoming stricter. Code words in the drug world are ever changing.Learn More
To properly address the training needs of our diverse set of clients the founder of Protrans, established Translation Skills Training (TST)TM. TSTTM offers the most comprehensive training modules.Learn More
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Investigative Surveillance Book: Procedures for Transcription and Translation of Foreign Language Communication Intercepts

It's considered to be one of the most comprehensive and definitive books on monitoring, transcription and translation.

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You translated our training manuals for every position we had.
Carlos Poblete, Director, Disney Hotels & Theme Parks